LG Commercial Dryers

You can maximize drying capacity with LG Giant-C dryers while you use same space. Thanks to the bigger drum capacity, you can dry more clothes at once. Bigger drying capacity assures better drying performance,less wrinkles and fewer tangles. In addition, AdoptAbleTM Controls enable installation flexibility and stacked dryers. It doubles drying capacity while using the same amount of floor space.

LG_Giant -C_Dryer_sml

RN1329A (Electric Dryer)
RV1329A (Gas Dryer)

LG Giant-C 10kg Dryer

Dry Weight Capacity 10.2 kg
Cylinder Volume 206.7 L
Cabinet Height 98.3 cm
Cabinet Width 68.6 cm
Cabinet Depth 76.4 cm
Door Opening 126.4 cm

Better Cloth Care
Multi Level Temperature Control System enables precise temperature control with variable heat source. It allows you to choose the ideal condition for different fabric needs. The Extra Large Drum can dry bulky items in one load. It provides better drying performance for oversized articles and reduces wrinkles and tangles

Flexible and Secure
AdaptAble™ Controls enable Installation Flexibility so you can determine the best products or combination of products to fit your unique commercial laundry equipment needs with space saving. LG’s unique Dual Lock System for the front panel and coin vault access provides increased security. Nobody can access the coin box without having both the internal and external security keys.

Reversible Dryer Door
The direction of the door swing can be easily changed to the customer’s preference, left or right, with no additional parts required


Multi Level Temp Control
Precise temperature control with variable heat source allows you to choose the ideal condition for different fabric needs

Easy Programming
Intuitive programming mode allows operators to choose and change a variety of functions and programs including price, cycle time, cycle parameter, spin speed and more. This ensures that all your washing requirements are met.


Installation Flexibility
The AdaptAble™ Controls can be placed at the top of the dryer for Side-by-side installations, or moved to the bottom for a stack configuration. The control is always at a convenient height and is versatile enough to change as the customer’s needs change.

Space can be saved by stacking the washer and dryer (with optional stacking kit).

The Dual Lock System surrounds the machines coin box, doubling security. The only way to open is with the security keys.


Discount Laundry Equipment can supply and install LG Giant-C Commercial Washers and Dryers Australia Wide