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For many businesses, space limitations can be a major factor. Dexter Laundry offers an on-premise stack washer-dryer that you can depend on to provide maximum durability in a small space. Our stack washer-dryers are engineered, manufactured, and tested to ensure that they will show up for work, cycle after cycle, year after year, in even the harshest laundry environments.


Dexter SWD Stack Washer-Dryer

Coin operated or Electronic Programmable available
Dry Weight Capacity (per machine) 13.6 kg
Washer Cylinder Volume 113.3 L
Dryer Cylinder Volume 320 L
Overall Height 200 cm
Overall Width 80 cm
Overall Depth 120.2 cm
Washer Door Opening 38.7 cm
Dryer Door Opening 57.6 cm

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$15,950 ex GST


With heavy-duty bearings in cast iron bearing housings, welded steel spiders and shafts, and rugged frame and cabinet designs, Dexter stack      washer-dryers are built to last. The washer design has been tested thoroughly with our 1,000 hour out-of-balance test.

The polished chrome doors and AISI 304 stainless steel tub, cylinder, and panels keep machines looking great for years.


We offer an industry leading 10 year limited warranty on the washer unit and a 5 year limited warranty on the dryer. A 3 year parts warranty covers the rest. We stand behind every machine you invest in with lifetime technical support.


With a dry-to-dry time of less than one hour, the Dexter stack washer-dryer works fast and efficiently. A next generation inverter drive on the washer lowers electrical usage, improves performance, and extends the life of motor. Powerful Express 200 g-force extraction removes more water to reduce dry time and helps save of energy costs.


This combination unit provides a full laundry solution in a single footprint and is ideal for laundries with limited space. The adjustable final extract speed allows the unit to fit almost any location. This Dexter washer fits through a standard 36” door way.


The 6 cycle washer control provides a flexible and easy to use control with six preset cycles that are programmable to fit your laundry needs.

The key-lock programming access on the washer control allows quick access for programming and troubleshooting. The automatic chemical injection feature  allows for the perfect combination of chemicals and help to protect your staff from harmful substances.


Available with stainless steel or galvanized dryer tumblers, and chrome or stainless steel dryer doors.

Gas models, with propane kits available.

Dry Weight Capacity (per machine) 13.6 kg
Washer Cylinder Volume 113.3 L
Dryer Cylinder Volume 320 L
Washer High Extract Speed 750 RPM
Washer Intermediate Extract Speed 411 RPM
Washer Washing Speed 50 RPM
Washer Motor Size 1.5 kW
Dryer Tumbler Speed
Dryer Motor Size 0.38 kW
Airflow (Dryer Only)
60Hz Model 14.6 M3/min
50Hz Model 12.7 M3/min
Overall Height 200 cm
Overall Width 80 cm
Overall Depth 120.2 cm
Washer Cylinder Diameter 63.5 cm
Washer Cylinder Depth 35.9 cm
Washer Door Opening 38.7 cm
Floor to Washer Door Bottom 31.6 cm
Dryer Cylinder Diameter 76.2 cm
Dryer Cylinder Depth 69.9 cm
Dryer Door Opening 57.6 cm
Floor to Dryer Door Bottom 119.2 cm
Dryer Lint Screen Area 2923 sq cm
Net Weight 476.7 kg
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight 499.4 kg
Shipping Height 211.5 cm
Shipping Width 83.8 cm
Shipping Depth 137.2 cm
Installation Recommendations
Minimum Clearance Between Machines 1.3 cm
Minimum Clearance Behind Machines 61 cm
Minimum Concrete Thickness 15.2 cm
Make-Up Air Reqquired 929 sq cm
Exhaust Size 15.2 cm

Washer Requirements

Water Requirements
Water Inlet Size 19 mm
Flow Rate (per min) 34.1 L
Pressure (min/max) 207 – 827 kPa
Drain Diameter (O.D.) 7.6 cm
Floor to Center of Drain 11.3 cm

Dryer Requirements

Gas Requirements (Gas Models Only)
Gas Supply Connection 12.7 mm
Natural Gas Supply (Water Column) 12.7 – 25.4 cm
LP Gas Supply (Water Column) 29.2 – 35.5 cm
Gas Usage (Gas Models Only)
60Hz Model 23.4 kW
50Hz Model 21.7 kW