DexterLive Controls


Available anytime, anywhere, on any internet capable device.


View and customize equipment settings and quickly transfer it via USB


Create exciting promotions to attract new customers, like offering PLUS cycles to drive more revenue


DexterLive controls offer adjustable final extract speeds on washers and many other customizable features


DexterLive controls are the next generation of technology from Dexter. Offering more programmable options and features than ever before, they are designed to help you create the perfect settings for your business. Take advantage of the free access to to make your DexterLive controls even more powerful.


Dexter Live

Available anytime, anywhere, on any internet capable device. Once you have set up your free account all of your custom settings and store information are saved making it quick and easy to make future changes



View and customise equipment settings to fit your business model. Download your unique programming file and quickly transfer it to your equipment via USB. With easy to access USB ports on all C-Series product, you can program your machines faster and easier than ever.

Maximise Revenue


DexterLive controls offer many upsell features and promotion options to help you maximize revenue generation. Create exciting promotions to attract new customers or offer PLUS cycles to drive more revenue.With multiple upsell features for both washers and dryers, you can choose the perfect cycle offerings to fit your business.

Pre-Wash, Extended Wash, Extra Rinse, and Temperature Pricing

Full Cycle Dry, Extend Dry, and Free Dry

Discount Laundry Equipment is proud to be an authorised distributor for Dexter washers and dryers in New South Wales (NSW) and South Australia (SA).